Surface Buoy Monitoring

IoT Systems Connectivity

NearshoreNetworks’ innovative and integrated IoT systems connectivity solutions allow you to digitize, optimize, and automate processes to save time, money, and keep crews safe.  We allow you to prioritize the data transmission elements and can deliver redundant routing to ensure information against any false transmission going out which avoids downtime and a maintenance dispatch.

NearshoreNetworks assures your ability to monitor and manage through secure remote access. With NearshoreNetworks’ global IoT solutions, your overall network architecture is optimized which leads to results of organizational cost savings.  Least cost, but the highest security routing is the goal.

Buoy Monitoring

Greater visibility for assets and secure, redundant backhauling of your data are all part of NearshoreNetworks’ IoT servicing capabilities. Information from the ocean buoys helps companies and countries understand ocean physical and biological data that is instrumental to success in health and safety.  Cost-effective data and video transmission technologies are examples of maritime work that NearshoreNetworks engineering supports today and are Best in Class.  NearshoreNetworks offer Cellular solutions for those locations within shore range, and satellite solutions to those locations further afield. By partnering with NearshoreNetworks, you can rest assured that you are working with a communications provider that will get your data home safely and securely from anywhere in the world.  Buoy power generation, waterways security monitoring, tsunami monitoring, and navigation buoys are all devices that NearshoreNetworks support today.

Thanks to our Iridium and Inmarsat partnerships, we have global access so you can continue your operations from any part of the world you feel has the opportunity to bolster your operations.  Additionally, we have certified professional experts based in all parts of the world that can provide real-time services wherever you are located or need servicing.  Thanks to high-quality service signals from NearshoreNetworks satellite partnerships, real-time buoy monitoring data, and video transmission signals can help you make the right decisions at the right time.

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