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Life at sea can be challenging. NEARSHORE's crew welfare solutions provide a host of services that help raise crew morale. We can design a customized solution that fits your crew's needs from BYOD eSim technology, onboard Wi-Fi, telephony services, education, news, and entertainment.

connection to home.

NEARSHORE 5G guarantees your crew can stay in touch with those they love back home.

Offshore Internet, news, and entertainment.

With NEARSHORE's 5G Technology and IPTV system, your crew can access the Internet, Live TV, and On Demand video right on their own devices, as well as stay up to date with news and education on your vessel's IPTV system.

Reliable Always-On Connectivity

to guarantee your crew never misses an important event and receives up-to-date weather forecasts and technical support anywhere in the globe.

Onboard Wi-Fi

that crew and passengers can connect to with their own devices, including IOS & Android support.

We promise to deliver:

Let NEARSHORE provide you with a communications solution that is secure, smart, scalable, and always-on.

Additional Solutions
For Crew Satisfaction

Prepaid Crew Cards that the user can top up at their own expense

TVRO free-to-air satellite television signal

Upgradable data plans and scalable solutions for your growing demands


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Global Cellular Communications Solutions for the Maritime Industry

We keep you connected globally with Internet Access, Corporate Networking, Crew Welfare, and Client Communications.


Best end-to-end managed solution at sea for primary communication.

NEARSHORE Adaptive Video Brochure

NEARSHORE’s Low Bandwidth Real-Time video is a game-changer, an innovation that will shape the future of communications at sea.

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