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Each time your ship leaves port, there is a myriad of factors that can affect it. It is vital to have reliable communications to stay up to date with weather forecasts, oceanic conditions, and of course, keeping your crew safe.

Our state-of-the-art network infrastructure

combines various bandwidths and connectivities into a seamless user experience.

Advance your fishing enterprise

confidently and ensure your vessels are always connected and protected.

NEARSHORE can customize a solution

that integrates the services you need for your specific operation, reducing costs and, above all, ensuring you have a connection anywhere around the globe.

We promise to deliver:

Let NEARSHORE provide you with a communications solution that is secure, smart, scalable, and always-on.


Let us show you how we can help keep your assets close to you, even when far out at sea.

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Our Solutions

Your secure connectivity is our ultimate goal. We customize each solution, integrating a host of services that fit your specific needs. Our solutions will shape the future of your business by adding meaningful value. So you can move your business forward confidently.

Stay connected at sea. The right antenna is essential for your communications to ensure always-on connectivity. We deploy a variety of maritime VSAT solutions with C, Ka, Ku, and L-Band configurations that work together to make affordable connections that power your enterprise.

You can keep a close eye on your vessel, cargo, and crew in REAL-TIME with NEARSHORE Adaptive Video. Our high-definition, low bandwidth video significantly lowers costs and can be easily enabled on your current on-board camera equipment. Keep your vessel and crew NEAR while being offshore.

Experience global broadband everywhere your vessels go. NEARSHORE delivers reliable offshore connectivity through the powerful combination of eSim Cellular Technology and Sea Wire, the new gold standard in Maritime Global Communication, only available through us.

Additional Tailored Solutions

Offshore Internet: always-on connectivity for rigs, platforms, vessels, and personnel

VoIP & Cellular Voice Solutions: delivers reliable and affordable voice services everywhere

Out of Band Management: gives backdoor access to your vessel and backup to all comms

Asset Tracking & Monitoring: provides assurance know your vessel and assets onboard are safe

Keep your crew safe.

Crew welfare has never been more critical. Technology plays a vital role in providing safety on board while offshore. It also impacts their well-being. Our solutions include Wi-Fi and entertainment services, including movies and television.

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Global Cellular Communications Solutions for the Maritime Industry

We keep you connected globally with Internet Access, Corporate Networking, Crew Welfare, and Client Communications.


Best end-to-end managed solution at sea for primary communication.

NEARSHORE Adaptive Video Brochure

NEARSHORE’s Low Bandwidth Real-Time video is a game-changer, an innovation that will shape the future of communications at sea.

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