Oil & Gas and Renewable Wind Energy have one thing in common, both require reliable always on communications.

The ability to count on a reliable data signal is without a doubt the most important element in keeping the Energy Sector at full production capacity and everyone safe.

From wind turbines, to offshore production platforms, to the vessels and crews aboard that service them, there is a confidence when NearshoreNetworks is their provider.

Guaranteed communications uptime of 99.5% lets work continue uninterrupted. And that is a written guarantee from NearshoreNetworks in every contract.

We Deliver

  • Communication options where traditional communications are not available or are too expensive, so you can work as efficiently and cost effectively as you would with traditional terrestrial communications.
  • A unique suite of communications platform services including VSAT and 4G/LTE, as well as 24/7 remote monitoring that spans the life of your project, from construction and installation to end of life demobilization
  • Our unparalleled service commitment with a 99.5% uptime connection guarantee sets the service bar vessels, platforms, and related facilities ashore.

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NearshoreNetworks are the leading global maritime satellite and cellular provider in the industry.
We deliver the best solutions through our reliable and secure worldwide network.