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What makes Nearshorenetworks so different?

Seamless Integration of Satellite & 4G LTE

Added efficiency through smart network switching technology.

Same Major Maritime Networks for Less

Connect to the same service networks as the big distributors for less.

Flexible Contracts,
On-Demand Service

Simple service contracts and coverage exactly when you need it.

A Nimble, Innovative Partner

Take a fresh new look at what your service partner can offer you.

"High Satellite expenses were one thing.  Passengers sharing good times through their smartphones another. Both problems solved by Nearshorenetworks."

Rocky Harrin, GM


Our Mission

NearshoreNetworks delivers the most innovative, cost effective Satellite and 4G/LTE network solutions in the industry, in a way never seen before.

Watch our video to see how we're doing things differently.

A Revolution in Offshore Connectivity

New options, more flexibility, better results

Break free from traditional sole source network provider terms that were dictated to customers while at the same time improve the total environment aboard vessels by providing affordable network for crew use and welfare.

Technology-driven efficiency and flexibility in vessel communications allows operators to take advantage of the vast amount of data information they are able to retrieve and send to vessels.  

The new way of working together. 

We've moved beyond the traditional bandwidth provider role and built a flexible model which allows customers to take advantage of the most reliable and cost effective communications path wherever they are in the world based on their needs at the moment.

Two networks merged as one.

The seamless transition from one network fabric to another when moving from shore to sea raises the bar on how efficient and cost effective vessel communications can be globally.

We've disrupted the communications industry through an innovative approach to bandwidth delivery.  We've brought together two separate communication worlds and provided flexible contract terms.  We have shattered the "big corporate" way of doing business.



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