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Communicating across the open seas is unlike typical shore communications. There are several transmission and data-related matters that need to be taken into account. At NearshoreNetworks, we pride ourselves on our best-in-class satellite services combined with 4G/LTE cellular connectivity. From communications systems providing optimized maritime internet access to the latest in weather technology, we are the number one service provider to contact for all of your operational communications needs.

Our Mission

NearshoreNetworks delivers the most innovative, cost-effective Satellite and 4G/LTE network solutions in the industry, in a way never seen before. For more information about who we are and what drives us at our core, get in touch with our CEO at comms@nearshorenetworks.com.

Watch our video to see how we're doing things differently.

sectors we serve


We provide communications service to onshore and offshore Energy operations to deliver seamless communications for ships and rigs globally. Our services have helped companies in the sector perform at the highest quality standards and achieve savings far beyond those incumbent communications providers of the past. We innovate and deliver efficiency and cost-effective solutions.

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Thanks to our team of maritime communications experts, we have experience in integrating our services into commercial maritime vessels including OSV, PSV, Ferry, Yacht, and large Cruise ship enterprises designed to make short or long voyages cost-effective.

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Asset Monitoring

Thanks to our ClimaCell, Vessel Tracking, and Fleet Broadband management capabilities, we can monitor assets utilizing low latency data transmissions, precise geolocation positioning, and predictive weather modeling. Decision making based on these tools becomes a much easier task.

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A Revolution in Maritime Connectivity

Break free from sole source network providers while improving the total environment aboard vessels that includes an affordable network for crew use and welfare. Our seamless transition from Satellite to 4G/LTE network during voyages raises the bar on how efficiency and cost-effectiveness can be accomplished globally.  NearshoreNetworks deliver a private, secure, and scalable network. Through an innovative approach to bandwidth delivery, we will take you to the next level when it comes to on and off-shore business processes. Book a free consultation with us to see how we can help you.

New options, more flexibility, better results

Break free from sole source network providers. Improve your terms while improving the total environment aboard vessels.

Provide affordable network for crew use and welfare.

The new way of working together. 

The seamless transition from one network fabric to another when moving from shore to sea raises the bar on how efficient and cost effective vessel communications can be globally.

We've disrupted the communications industry through an innovative approach to bandwidth delivery.  We have shattered the "big corporate" way of doing business.


Our Partners

Our proven track record has led to several successful case studies thanks to many successful partnerships.

Nautic Alert

NearshoreNetworks provides Nautic Alert with 4G/LTE and Satellite communications for customers that need security and vessel systems monitoring.

Cowboy Charters

NearshoreNetworks helps Cowboy Charters by providing Iridium communications to report catches to local government agencies as well as make calls home when off-shore.

Wave WiFi

We partner with Wave WiFi to deliver connectivity to their network routers and access points for vessels through our 4G/LTE connectivity solution.

TEC SVCS Limited

A critical engineering partner with TEC Services as NearshoreNetworks marine electrical and Dynamic Positioning Solution has been a long-standing partnership.

The Most Trusted Maritime Communications Experts

NearshoreNetworks represents all global Satellite Operators in the industry and is committed to delivering the best in solutions on a global scale. Our partnership with top satellite providers as well as our IoT integration capabilities has made us one of the most sought after energy communications partners on the planet. We place immense importance on security and are always on the lookout for new solutions that can lower costs while improving operations.  It all begins with reliable and secure networks by NearshoreNetworks.

For more information on our IoT systems connectivity, nearshore and offshore drill and production platforms, and other services, please and a member of our technical team will reply.

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