Shipping relies on a variety of communications capabilities whether it fulfills the service of delivering goods in local waterways or across oceans

There are vessel, crew and cargo needs to be met which range from reaching home by phone to loved ones while away to asset tracking commodities aboard in transit

Everything is made easy with an integrated solution from NearshoreNetworks using satellite when further from shore and seamlessly switching to inexpensive high speed cellular while in port

We Deliver

  • Reliable, always on service using our VSAT and Cellular networks deliver vessel, passengers and crew connections around the world 
  • Remote networks monitoring and management assures vessels never lose connection
  • Field Engineer on-site support in 60 ports around the world assure that hands on help is not far away
  • The ability to provide weather and tracking services compliment shipping assurance and safety allow you to fulfill your customer commitments with confidence
  • Our unparalleled service commitment guarantees a 99.5% uptime connection for you and your vessels.

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NearshoreNetworks are the leading global maritime satellite and cellular provider in the industry.
We deliver the best solutions through our reliable and secure worldwide network.