For guests and crew, offshore connectivity and entertainment are everything. It keeps them close to their family and also entertained. We provide the leading IP TV system in the market with tailor-made entertainment systems and remotely manage crew education.

Offshore Entertainment (IPTV)

Nearshore’s IPTV system can host a myriad of applications of your choice: live TV, radio, movie streaming, and On-Demand Video in multiple languages.

Enable your vessel with the best entertainment. It's EASY!

Hardware built to withstand
harsh maritime environments

99.5% uptime connection for you, your vessels, and your clients.

We provide Radio, Video Streaming,
and TV, as well as system design and
a customizable interface for
module-based systems

Turnkey installation service available globally at a port of your choice

Entertainment available
on personal devices, IOS & Android

BEST support around the globe from our Certified Field Engineers 24/7

Let's be honest; remoteness can be lonely. That's why the maritime industry increasingly invests in keeping its passengers and crew connected and entertained. It does wonders for crew morale!


It will be the most impressive you have ever seen.

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