Revolutionizing Maritime Communication: Introducing NEARSHORE Wavehunter II 4G/5G/LTE

November 27, 2023

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The maritime industry is constantly developing, aiming to enhance operational effectiveness and provide an excellent crew experience. A crucial element in achieving these objectives is dependable high-speed connectivity.  Wavehunter II 4G/5G/LTE is set to transform maritime connectivity. It is the best end-to-end managed solution at sea for primary communication.

Real-time, Always-on Connectivity: A Necessity for Success

MARITIME operations heavily rely on real-time, always-on connectivity for several reasons:

1. Boosting Operational Efficiency: Uninterrupted communication between onboard personnel and onshore offices is essential for optimizing processes and ensuring seamless operations.

2. Fostering Crew Well-being: Reliable internet access enables crew members to maintain connections with their families and friends, improving their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

NEARSHORE Wavehunter II 4G/5G/LTE: The Ideal Solution

NEARSHORE Wavehunter 4G/5G/LTE solution delivers unparalleled connectivity, promising secure, intelligent, scalable, and always-on maritime communication. The system utilizes proven technology, guaranteeing a 99.5% uptime connection.

LTE offers several benefits over LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite networks:

1. Reduced latency: LTE networks enable faster data transmission and superior communication quality.

2. Greater stability: Satellite networks can be impacted by weather conditions, LTE offers a stable, resilient primary connection and flexibility as a secondary.

3. Seamless integration: LTE networks are extensively used, simplifying integration with existing communication systems and devices.

Unrivaled Coverage and Reliability

NEARSHORE Wavehunter II 4G/5G/LTE solution provides:

- High-speed, low-latency connectivity up to 73 km from shore.

- It encompasses 142 countries and supports over 300 mobile operators without worrying about unexpected roaming charges.

- Its connectivity platform effortlessly switches between different backhaul solutions and modems, ensuring optimal performance at a reasonable price.

Wavehunter II Antenna Enclosure

The Wavehunter II antenna enclosure represents a breakthrough, containing three commercial-grade LTE/5G routers within the dome, converting it into a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). Each router has two SIM cards installed, and the routers are daisy-chained with load balancing for the best performance. Quality of service is activated, permitting usage monitoring and data limits with alarms.


NEARSHORE POYNTING Wavehunter II Antenna is a Game Changer

It is the most advanced and fastest cellular antenna for seamless connectivity, offering unrivaled coverage, reliability, and value. By investing in this advanced cellular antenna solution, vessels and companies are maximizing operational efficiency, ensuring they remain competitive in this dynamic industry.

About NEARSHORE (NearshoreNetworks)

NEARSHORE (NearshoreNetworks) is a Houston global maritime communications company serving customers worldwide, providing Satellite & Cellular networks and hardware and software solutions. NearshoreNetworks maintains a service team of over 80 Field Engineers strategically located in 60 countries. These resources and capabilities underpin a Service Level commitment of 99.5% networks uptime guarantee.

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