NEARSHORE Launches Ultra-Low Bandwidth Real-Time Video Solution for Maritime Missions

September 4, 2022

Press Release

Houston, Texas — April 4, 2022 — NEARSHORE (NearshoreNetworks), the fastest growing and innovative global maritime network solutions company,announced today the launch of a new and revolutionary Ultra-Low Bandwidth Real-Time Video Solution: NEARSHORE Adaptive Video.
This ground-breaking innovation enables secure, high-definition video and audio and BIG data to be streamed in REAL-TIME to provide smarter operation onboard with significant cost savings.
"NEARSHORE Adaptive Video will protect our customer's vessel, cargo, and crew. It will enable collaboration and decision-making with headquarters via real-time visibility. This is a solution to the maritime worldthat will enhance operational efficiencies and strengthen the crew's safety," said Bob Miltenberger, CEO of NEARSHORE. "We are committed to accelerating the digital transformation in the maritime world."
NEARSHORE Chief Technology Officer John Seaton added, "Because of its unique protocols, latency is significantly reduced, which is a real game-changer for the industry; NEARSHORE Adaptive Video automatically adapts tothe amount of bandwidth available on the network without manual intervention."
Finally, the challenge to deliver and utilize video service over satellite and cellular networks has been solved. NEARSHORE Adaptive Videowill enable connectivity at sea for operation activity monitoring, ROV Communications, situational communications, virtual reality servicing, catch monitoring, crew & client conferencing, and health and safety.
NEARSHORE continues to surprise the maritime world with unique innovations that drive excellence and cost savings.
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NEARSHORE (NearshoreNetworks) is a Houston headquartered, global maritime communications company serving customers worldwide, providing Satellite & Cellular networks and hardwareand software solutions. NEARSHORE (NearshoreNetworks) maintains a service team of over 80 Field Engineers strategically located in 60 countries. These resources and capabilities underpin a Service Level commitment of 99.5%networks uptime guarantee.
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