Our Team

Bob Miltenberger, CEO

Bob is a recognized leader in the Global Communications Industry through his work at  AT&T in the US and Truphone in the United Kingdom.  Bob’s role as CEO is to oversee and own the NearshoreNetworks vision of becoming the world  class leader in maritime communications

As NearshoreNetworks founder, Bob enables the leadership team to reach their fullest potential.  Building on a background in Energy and Maritime, Bob’s overarching directive is that NearshoreNetworks has to deliver tangible operational and financial value to maritime vessel owners and fleet operators as well as enhancing life aboard for crew members  and passengers.

Trey Duplechin, coo

Trey’s prior role was Chief Executive Officer of Elite Communications Services, and responsible  for developing new market verticals resulting in 30% growth for the company. As leader of a multi-disciplined service team of engineers, sales, delivery and customer support, Trey reflects the  broad experience required to manage the dynamic and geographically expansive global operations for NearshoreNetworks.

His peer network are the world leaders in energy and maritime who in turn deliver their  services worldwide.  Among key projects, Trey led teams as they built the first  high speed, high throughput network in the Gulf of Mexico to meet a need for remote Energy  facilities. His contributions led to the completion of the first end to end high speed hybrid IP  over RF network with the back-office support structure in the Gulf of Mexico.

John seaton, cto

John brings 22+ years of experience in Engineering and Operation of Satellite  Communications as well as IT Data Comms management.  John has shaped the Maritime Satellite industry segment by applying his extensive knowledge and practical skills in network design and implementation.  John has worked with the United Kingdom and other Governments, their  Military, Blue chip Energy & Gas operators as well as Marine and Global  Communications companies.

John’s role is to maintain a portfolio of emerging products of future client value, provide client network design, and oversee implementation of  solutions. He is also responsible for maintaining Service Level Agreements  compliance and managing the Support organization personnel within  NearshoreNetworks.

katy henry, cfo

Katy is responsible for all things financial at NearshoreNetworks. Joining the team in 2021 ushered in a step change in financial management and resource enablement.

Katy has a background of high performance in both public and private companies.  Her stellar career reflects accomplishment in raising funds for startups as well as taking companies public.  Her organizational skills have had a positive impact on NearshoreNetworks management team day to day leadership operational efficiencies, access to capital and proper global accountancy during the rapid expansion of the business.

Katy has unique experience in multinational corporate roles having lead companies in far reaching locations such as China and the Asia Pacific Region.  She has a network of resources at the ready to engage on behalf of NearshoreNetworks to advise on and devise legal as well as administrative solutions in all countries.

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Break free from sole source network providers. Improve your terms while improving the total environment aboard vessels. Provide affordable network for crew use and welfare.


The seamless transition from one network fabric to another when moving from shore to sea raises the bar on how efficient and cost effective vessel communications can be globally.

We've disrupted the communications industry through an innovative approach to bandwidth delivery.  We have shattered the "big corporate" way of doing business.