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NearshoreNetorks VOIP is our global voice service which enables customers to make and receive high-quality calls wherever and whenever crew and passengers demand. Always on, always available no matter where on the globe you are, thanks to NearshoreNetworks high quality networks and global coverage linking to our Tier 1 PSTN connections.


Your vessel is connected with NearshoreNetworks’ quality 4G/LTE/5G mobile coverage. Our GSM Cellular service is crew and passenger-focused, offering lower-cost calls, SMS and data rates for incoming and outgoing use by selecting the GSM Network to which the user wants to connect.

For the absolute best in high speed data globally, NearshoreNetworks partners with UROS to provide a single sim that connects to multiple carriers in every country. You will never be without a reliable connection when you trust your service to NearshoreNetworks. Easy to subscribe to, even easier to use.

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NearshoreNetworks are the leading global maritime satellite and cellular provider in the industry.
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