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Great WifFi access is an expectation of captain, crew and passengers everywhere. NearshoreNetworks provide large Enterprise vessels with multiple options.

For yacht and leisure craft boaters, fishermen, Loopers and folks working near shore or on inland waterways who want their own hotspot, a simpler approach can be taken. Staying connected has never been simpler.

NearshoreNetworks Cellular WiFi succeeds where others fail because we deliver multiple carrier connections in every country on a single WiFi device. In the US, we connect to AT&T and TMobile which doubles your ability to connect wherever you are. We have multiple carriers in other countries globally.

The easiest solution to portable, reliable and global WiFi is with the NearshoreNetworks Goodspeed device. With easy to use network access beyond other more expensive devices, the NearshoreNetworks Goodspeed unit is a pay as you go model so you only pay for only you use.

NearshoreNetworks Goodspeed delivers WiFi on the water, in your RV or anywhere you might travel and relax. WiFi can be easy.

Go here to order your device and we'll ship it directly to your door. No setup, just turn it on and begin enjoying fast and reliable WiFi anywhere you roam; Email us at or call us at US toll free 844-526-2627, extension 2 and we’ll get one out to you.Email us at or call us at US toll free 844-526-2627, extension 2 and we’ll get one out to you.

If you have your own device, don't worry. We can provide our 4G/LTE Sim only solution which still gives you that multiple carrier connection globally. Contact our Customer Service Team by email or phone and ask us to mail you a Sim to get started. NearshoreNetworks Goodspeed is the global solution to your WiFi needs on the water and everywhere.

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