Energy Production and Pipeline Transmission Data

energy production and pipeline transmission

As energy operations become further digitized, it is critical to have a communications platform connection solution that is smart, secure, and scalable. A solution that enables fast and secure data coupled with smart tools while also being remotely managed is important. This solution when designed well can also stay within budget without compromising on quality. NearshoreNetworks can guide you through satellite and cellular communications options that will best benefit your overall operations and bottom line.

IoT Systems Connectivity

NearshoreNetworks’ innovative and integrated IoT systems connectivity solutions allow you to digitize, optimize, and automate processes to save time, money, and keep crews safe.  We allow you to prioritize the data transmission elements and can deliver redundant routing to ensure information against any false transmission going out which avoids downtime and a maintenance dispatch.

NearshoreNetworks assures your ability to monitor and manage through secure remote access. With NearshoreNetworks’ global IoT solutions, your overall network architecture is optimized which leads to results of organizational cost savings.  Least cost, but the highest security routing is the goal.

Greater visibility for assets and secure, redundant backhauling of your data are all part of NearshoreNetworks’ IoT servicing capabilities.

Nearshore and Offshore Drill and Production Platforms

Improving operational efficiency and safety results are constant pressures that require reliable and secure communications whether on, near, or offshore. NearshoreNetworks can help you meet the connectivity requirements for monitoring on and offshore energy production data and configure an ideal crew welfare program in the process.

Nearshore and onshore drill and production platform data demands real-time connectivity with the help of satellite, cellular, and remote monitoring capability. Security against intrusion and data compromise is as important as ever.  Being able to partition the right bandwidths to deliver to the integrated applications in a production environment so you can focus on optimizing your current operations is critical.  Providing a great work environment for employees and visitors is also most important to the ongoing productivity of humankind.

Drill Platforms Production Data

Traditional communications systems can be expensive and cumbersome to maintain, especially if monitoring offshore assets from a remote location. The costs of using a satellite system can be extremely expensive so there must be another way to monitor production data without generating a huge bill.

Enter NearshoreNetworks IoT connectivity that picks up data from distributed field sensors and aggregates them at a local IoT base station through a radio link that then forwards them to a remote command center using NearshoreNetworks global satellite systems.

Pipeline Monitoring

While pipeline monitoring is not a new concept, the entrance of IoT data connectivity and communications has greatly optimized the operations surrounding it. Granular asset visibility through a combination of Cellular and Satellite transmission capabilities has resulted in the ability to aggregate granular telemetry and production data to move it bundled in real-time. That data drives decisions on multiple fronts within organizations and has financial implications. NearshoreNetworks has a scalable IoT communications solution that can be flexibly adapted according to your needs both on and offshore and is particularly useful for your remote locations.

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