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IoT Systems Connectivity

NearshoreNetworks’ innovative and integrated IoT systems connectivity solutions allow you to digitize, optimize, and automate processes to save time, money, and keep crews safe.  We allow you to prioritize the data transmission elements and can deliver redundant routing to ensure information against any false transmission going out which avoids downtime and a maintenance dispatch.

We assure your ability to monitor and manage through secure remote access. With our global IoT solutions, your overall network architecture is optimized which leads to results of organizational cost savings.  Least cost, but the highest security routing is the goal.

Greater visibility for assets and secure, redundant backhauling of your data are all part of our IoT servicing capabilities.

Aquaculture Facilities

Applying the analysis to aquaculture and changing environmental conditions require reliable, secure, high-speed data connectivity.  This is paramount to ensure the ongoing support of an aquaculture facility and operation. Satellites can help by transmitting remote sensor bathymetry, chlorophyll, and sea surface temperature data along with a myriad of other data to ensure operations are ideal in the location our clients are producing in.

Having a solution that can help provide these satellite relationships is important when these analysis reports become instrumental to your current operations and driving daily decisions from them. NearshoreNetworks is proud to partner with some of the top global satellite providers that can get you the data you need from anywhere on the planet back home safely.

Let us help you develop your aquaculture facility connectivity solution arm and deliver your analytics from the best design in high-quality satellite and cellular communication options based exactly on your geographic needs.

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