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Marine Satellite Internet

What is VSAT?

A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a two-way satellite ground station with a dish antenna that is smaller than 3.8 meters. The majority of VSAT antennas range from 75 cm to 1.2 m.

Data rates, in most cases, range from 4 kbit/s to 16 Mbit/s but can go beyond for high demand situations. VSAT antenna access satellites in geosynchronous orbit or geostationary orbit to relay data from remote Earth stations (terminals) to other terminals (in mesh topology) or master earth station "hubs" (in star topology).

How Does Satellite Internet on Boats Work?

Direct satellite connections through antennas aboard the vessel to deliver fast internet access to the vessel, ship, or yacht via multiple access points spread around the vessel. The proper external satellite antenna hardware installation is crucial to access the internet. These are, however, one-time hardware investments that should last the lifetime of the vessel.  Sizing and design are critical to success and achieving a purposeful ROI.

Once the critical hardware is placed depending on the size of the vessel, the next step will be to place a router with a SIM card that can tap into data, voice, and text messaging services. Access points and signal boosters can also be placed around the vessel in public locations to more easily access Wifi and obtain an internet connection by crew and passengers aboard.

All Shipboard Communications Applications

NearshoreNetworks has a wide range of service communication solution products addressing remote monitoring, crew welfare, vessel management, offshore industrial operations, VIPs, security, surveillance, and government agency data management.  We are flexible and work with you.

Monitoring and Tracking

NearshoreNetworks has industry expertise in geo-positioning, speed, altitude, and history when delivering tracking functionalities in out of band and fleet broadband services. Remote site out of band features includes remote-tracking where management traffic can make direct contact with the vessel to interface with the core operating system or change business application configurations.

Crew Welfare

Upgrading data plans to include better entertainment options for crewmembers who use their own devices like smartphones and iPads is one option of improving welfare. Video and TV On Demand solutions offer passengers a wide range of content from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to hits from international content creators.

Satellite Internet for Any Vessel

Crew Boats

We supply our communications services to crew boats for the crew when needed during business operations and for emergencies. You can count on NearshoreNetworks to deliver the proper communications functions needed for the crew both in transit and while on station. Crew boats can integrate NearshoreNetworks communications services easily. Thanks to a global team, we are available for in-person installation and maintenance anywhere in the world.  Reliable installation and commissioning that is done right the first time with the most cost-effective gear.


Our offshore floatel communications services are designed for shallow and deepwater operations as well as those hostile environments encountered all over the world.

Flotels designed for harsh and offshore environments find that satellite communications are not only necessary, but they are also essential.  Cellular options exist and can be a solid backup system operating at a low cost as well.  NearshoreNetworks will bring the options to you in design based on geography.

Our Out of Band Management services allows you to keep your data going to onshore service operating systems by providing a backup service that keeps you in continuous communication if your primary system goes down for any reason.

All communications that NearshoreNetworks are scalable and grow according to your capacity whether you can fit 10 passengers or 1,000.

Jack Up Barges

NearshoreNetworks communications services are built for Jack Up Barges and oil rigs. Communication between operations teams, crew members, and service workers is extremely important when dealing with jack-up barges and the fields they support while at the station and in transit. Teams often work independently offshore so an excellent mode of communication with low latency and international service is required. NearshoreNetworks’ network of coverage and reliability can prove crucial in your overall business operations.


NearshoreNetworks decades worth of experience working with all flavors of inland, nearshore, offshore and deep-sea tug boats has given them the knowledge of what is needed in terms of tugboat communications. Tugboat communication is essential because they must work in conjunction with other vessels including barges, disabled vessels, rafts, and oil platforms. Communication between vessels allows for better decision making between both remote teams as well as crew members.  Communication reliability is a must.

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