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Marine Satellite TV & Video On-Demand

How Does Satellite TV for Boats Work?

NearshoreNetworks' team of satellite installation experts is far-reaching and covers continents across the world including Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and North America. Because of this, we understand that an international satellite signal is paramount to a global communications network that can serve you all day every day and in every single time zone.

As a global service provider, we understand the challenges that come with this and have employed Marine Network cables. Unlike standard Ethernet cables, the Garmin cable is IPX7 water-resistant, has a built-in drain wire, and utilizes unused pins for power control of various devices on the network. This allows the cables to work on an Ethernet network with the added benefit of underwater resistance.

When traveling to other countries that have different satellite regions, LNB (Low Noise Block) converts the satellite signal into an IF signal that is specific to the geographic region. NearshoreNetworks has the expertise and capacity to integrate both All-America's LNB or a Worldview global LNB antenna.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is a method for streaming typical terrestrially broadcast tv services over an IP network. NearshoreNetworks' IPTV solution is not limited to streaming content and has partnered with Video On Demand solutions where crew members can browse and view Hollywood and international hits from their own devices.

NearshoreNetworks' robust and global expert technical team is ready to help in case troubleshooting is needed in case IPTV devices are down. Additional remote team functions can also provide support for IPTV connections.

What is TVRO?

TVRO or Television Receive Only is a form of free-to-air satellite television signal in the form of Ku-bands.

The stabilization of TVRO systems has led NearshoreNetworks to use systems with higher data transmission rates. 

NearshoreNetworks utilizes VSATs to transmit broadband data for further offshore and remote network ships. This makes mobile maritime communications more efficient for both onboard and remote teams.

NearshoreNetworks' maritime VSAT allows crew members to obtain satellite services thanks to the stabilized antenna that keeps it accurately pointed at the satellite.

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