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Fleet Broadband

Nearshorenetworks delivers you coverage over 97% of the earth’s surface using geostationary satellites utilizing the best connectivity packages available in the market.

We recommend this service as a backup system and for Out of Band Management.

What is Fleet Broadband?

FleetBroadband is a maritime global satellite internet, telephony, SMS texting and ISDN network for ocean-going vessels using portable domed terminal antennas.

These antennas, and corresponding indoor controllers, are used to connect phones and laptop computers from sailing vessels, on any ocean, with the rest of the world. All FleetBroadband antennas require line-of-sight to one of three geosynchronous orbit satellites, so the terminal can be used anywhere, including on land.

Key Features

  • Tracking

    Position, speed, altitude & history.
  • Notifications

  • Notify people of your location. Schedule automatic positioning messages.
  • No Software to Install

    Easy to manage & Cost effective.
  • Emergency Response

    Receive emergency alerts and emergency support (SOS). Request ad-hoc monitoring messages