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Crew Welfare

What is a Virtual Pre-Paid Service?

A pre-paid service is a way to take payment for service before use. As calls and texts are made, and as data is used, deductions are made against the prepaid balance amount until there are no funds remaining (at which time, service can be topped up by Vessel owners or crew members themselves). A very useful solution for crews and passengers expected to potentially pay for their connectivity.  And for companies who provide a stipend for Crew and Passengers, a great way to guard against abuse.

Additionally, virtual pre-paid services add a level of security as NearshoreNetworks uses multiple cybersecurity measures to prevent funds from being stolen. 

What Is Crew Welfare?

Following the crew welfare meaning of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006), NearshoreNetworks defines crew welfare as provisions that ensure the safety and right for every seafarer to decent working and living conditions on board ship and health protection, medical care, welfare measures, and other forms of social protection.

There are special needs for individuals making a living at sea to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all individuals. This is an ongoing practice that seeks to make crew life better through the funding of welfare services, recreational facilities, and cultural and educational activities.

The addition of more and more welfare services over time has given crew members and passengers a better experience when doing long jobs for months on end cut off from life ashore. Additionally, it has also proven to be an aid for more efficient and successful business operations from ocean to ocean.

How To Improve Crew Welfare at Sea?

Since crew welfare is an ongoing topic of discussion, there are always ways to improve the offshore seafaring experience. NearshoreNetworks is committed to improving the ways crew members experience their time aboard through faster data connections as well as overall better data service.

Upgrading Service Level Agreements to include better entertainment options for crewmembers who use their own devices like smartphones and iPads is one option of improving welfare. Video and TV On Demand solutions offer passengers a wide range of content from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to hits from international content creators.

Faster service connections also make it easier for crew members to browse social media sites and better connect with family and friends. This has a tremendous effect on mental health and gives the seafarer a much-needed respite from daily duties and activities.

Crew changes are also extremely important as they protect against fatigue and wellbeing that comes from working 10-12 hour shifts that require constant professional attention.  A component of this fatigue prevention has been identified as crew boredom relief and a connected relationship ashore.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, it can be difficult for crew members to get the medical attention they need. As a result, a keen focus on telemedicine can go a long way into making sure your crew is taken care of both physically and mentally. New pandemic protocols can be stressful for everyone involved, especially crew members that are on the front lines when it comes to commercial vessel use.

Thanks to NearshoreNetworks decades worth of experience in satellite and mobile communications, we are proud to serve your crew and passengers with low latency internet connectivity that allows access to medical doctors with crew members over your company provided telemedicine link.

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