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Crew Welfare

Crew Welfare is very important for vessel owners and operators today. By combining a number of our solutions, Nearshorenetworks creates the perfect cost effective systems for your crew while on board.


Nearshorenetworks Virtual Pre-Paid is a great way to stay connected to family, friends and associates all over the world without having to carry a card.

With competitive rates on international calls both to cell phone and land line numbers you’re covered virtually anywhere.

What is Pre-Paid Service?

A prepay mobile service provides most of the services offered by a mobile phone operator. The big difference is that with prepay service, payment for service is made before use. As calls and texts are made, and as data is used, deductions are made against the prepaid balance amount until there are no funds remaining (at which time, service is no longer available). A user may avoid such a break in service by making payments to increase the remaining balance.

Key Features