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ClimaCell Microweather Forecast OS

NearshoreNetworks delivers the latest in weather data and predictive forecast impact technology through our partnership with ClimaCell.

As the leader in Weather Intelligence, ClimaCell is changing the way companies are able to make decisions based on upcoming and real-time weather patterns. With ClimaCell, you can forget about the forecast and trying to understand what to do about the weather. ClimaCell automates your decision making and protocols based on your specific thresholds by using proprietary data sets and in-house models consisting of hundreds of millions of global data points.

When you partner with NearshoreNetworks, you will now have more insight and intelligence on how on and offshore weather conditions will impact you so you can better plan for the future.

ClimaCell Key Features

Through a combination of IoT technology and a configurable SaaS functionality, ClimaCell is one of the boldest weather forecasting tools to come out in decades. Additionally, ClimaCell uses some functions that have not been used before in the context of weather predictions and alerting, making it one of the most innovative tools out on the predictive analytics market.   By incorporating wave, temperature, wind, rain, lightning, tides, and pressure Climacell can collaborate with you to set a group of thresholds that alert your team to take certain actions critical to your operations before weather impacts.

MicroWeather Technology

Big data holds the key when it comes to forecasting location-specific, low-altitude weather patterns in the form of "MicroWeather technology".

NearshoreNetworks employs ClimaCell technology to fill in localized offshore weather patterns using millions of virtual weather sensors that have been proposed from wireless and IoT networks. These data sets can help remote managers make real-time decisions to reroute shipments in case of local weather issues.

NearshoreNetworks seamlessly integrates global Hypercast and the ClimaCell API into your control room or vessel onboard systems without requiring specialized hardware. You can use the ClimaCell Hypercast as a web-based weather mapping tool or integrate the ClimaCell API to provide live data streams which can be further integrated into other platforms currently in use.  Let us show you how valuable this is.

Configurable SaaS

NearshoreNetworks has contracted the ClimaCell SaaS-based solution to provide our clients with customizable functions that match exactly what you need according to your business operations.

Configurability means multiple options and variations on alerting capabilities to your personnel on the ground, vessels at your docks, or tenants in your port authority.  NearshoreNetworks has a global support team that can assist in all areas of the ClimaCell solution.

Business Insights

NearshoreNetworks has been a strong proponent of delivering predictive business insights to global partners for years. The partnership with ClimaCell furthers business insights by delivering a more accurate and actionable weather forecasting technology to customers.

Out-of-the-Box Templates

Out-of-the-Box Templates allow customers to configure the ClimaCell app provided through NearshoreNetworks for their specific end to end weather intelligence needs.

Global partners can choose and manipulate data that provide them with weather tracking insights for use in transportation and logistics via hyper forecasting to reduce delays, marshal variable routing options for vessels and compliment logistical scheduling for port arrival and departure.

The integrated NearshoreNetwork and ClimaCell team can also deliver alerts and notifications of highly accurate localized weather patterns that protect crew members and shipment products.  Personnel safety, cargo value protection, and operational efficiency are priorities of this solution.

For more information on our ClimaCell and other services, please contact us and a member of our technical team will reply. 

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Key Features

Why ClimaCell?

Used by top-tier clients including JetBlue Airways and Delta, amongst other aviation and maritime companies, ClimaCell has emerged as the world's #1 weather forecast with actionable outcome communications tool. Weather predictions are hyper-localized, giving ships, crew, and remote managers better insight into on and offshore weather developments.  This allows crew and personnel to take action, not just to react to the weather.  This saves lives and money.

Make Better Decisions

Traditional weather techniques can lag. ClimaCell brings a much more accurate data representation of what future weather patterns will look like.  Predictive accuracy allows for action to be taken in a proactive manner vs reactive.  This is extremely important for business operations as managers can use these predictive models to make more intelligent decisions based on your needs in situational management.  We take the guesswork out of decision making by setting parameters to the action and letting the data drive the decision.

Optimize Your Operations

Better predictive tools mean more efficient business operations. NearshoreNetworks' data predictive models, in conjunction with ClimaCell's SaaS functions, allows you to better understand what is possible based on current and future weather patterns.  Up to the minute, hour, day, and week data comes into play to plan and perform your activities.

ClimaCell allows teams to increase the ROI by hitting the Service Levels agreed at the Port and on the Vessels that improve arrival and departure accuracy, loading and unloading and improvement to operational planning, and shipping management.

Improve Crew Safety

Alerting your crew to prepare for potential inclement weather circumstances can help improve crew safety as well as increase crew retention. Predictive alerts and notifications are inherent in the ClimaCell solution.

NearshoreNetworks takes Crew Welfare seriously and the ClimaCell solution functionality fits right into that purpose.

Capitalize on Business Opportunities

By understanding weather forecasts at a more accurate level, management teams make better long-term business decisions based on predictive analytics provided by the ClimaCell application.

By providing insights and alerts, NearshoreNetwork's global network of clients receives up to date information that keeps them two steps ahead of the competition while at the dock or sea.

What is ClimaCell?

The ClimaCell app is a MicroWeather monitoring service that delivers advanced weather forecasting and combines with action threshold alerts to ground and vessel personnel.

While you might need to monitor different weather parameters throughout the day, this can be time-consuming and can be subject to failure from often slow or inaccurate tools that only use government agency data or from human judgment errors.

ClimaCell's Hypercast weather forecasting service allows you to focus on what is important to the business operations and how the weather will impact them.  By combining an alert system triggered by environmental thresholds, crews, and equipment activities to assure productivity and safety can be incorporated into your business processes.

How Does ClimaCell work?

MicroWeather technology is based on ClimaCell's proprietary data collection of high-resolution weather data as well as AI-based predictive models to provide data in historical, real-time, and forecast modes.

Weather data sources include air quality, temperature, wind, wave, and precipitation data.

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NearshoreNetworks represents all global Satellite Operators in the industry we aim to be the number one global satellite communications provider for vessels of any size whether commercial or private. As a result, we need to stay abreast of current technological changes that are changing up the way ship operations teams behave.

By partnering with ClimaCell, NearshoreNetworks has taken that next step into predictive data analytics to help our clients make better decisions.

To learn more about how you can use ClimaCell in conjunction with NearshoreNetworks, book a consultation with us today.

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