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Satellite and Cellular Communication

How Does a Maritime Communications Service Work? 

A maritime network operates by marrying shore wifi and cellular network with satellite (usually VSAT or Very Small Aperture Terminals) connectivity and switches between all three depending on signal strength, transmission security and usage protocols set by the Network Managers.  Once a connection is made with any of the three switching medium, a vessel and end users aboard will experience all of the data transmission capabilities for IoT, Voice, SMS, and GPRS connectivity advantages that they might ashore.  NearshoreNetwork provides this for you to see that your data gets home safely.

Maritime Communications Network Planning

Having a communications service plan that works for you and meets your vessel or fleet business needs is a crucial part of your operations. Investing in communication planning can make all the difference.


Efficient, secure and reliable network connectivity is crucial in order for offshore business operations to excel. As connections expand all over the world, they become more complex to manage for organizations. Our Network is designed to take advantage of both 4G/5G and Satellite elements with a dynamic efficiency in mind. We have an around the clock service team that is available to answer any questions you may have in order to keep your operations working at an optimal level.  Our network and your fleet are monitored 24x7 with alerts and dispatch integrated to give you confidence that our rapid response team will be in action immediately.

Cellular Roaming

If your fleet is working offshore and serving multiple geographic locations, you will come across varying rules for how satellite and cellular communication networks operate when facing roaming through a cellular network connection. As a result, a normal roaming data transmission charge will result in extremely high costs that will not be sustainable. By working with NearshoreNetworks, you are working with a world leader that has relationships with the largest telecommunications companies globally. Thanks to our network partnerships, we eliminated roaming altogether.

Prepaid Crew Cards

Prepaid data plans for users aboard a vessel can be ideal for companies that wish to set a limit on their vessel system communications utilization by persons on board without limiting the users aboard to make their own choice on how much data they need. These come as Crew Cards with an option for the individual to “top up” his card at his own expense.  This is also reasonable for companies that wish to have operational allotments for individuals or multiple service departments. Prepaid SIM cards are available through NearshoreNetworks for your global and regional communication needs.

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