Vessel Monitoring and Security

vessel monitoring and security

IoT Systems Connectivity

NearshoreNetworks’ innovative and integrated IoT systems connectivity solutions allow you to digitize, optimize, and automate processes to save time, money, and keep crews safe.  We allow you to prioritize the data transmission elements and can deliver redundant routing to ensure information against any false transmission going out which avoids downtime and a maintenance dispatch.

NearshoreNetworks assures your ability to monitor and manage through secure remote access. With NearshoreNetworks’ global IoT solutions, your overall network architecture is optimized which leads to results of organizational cost savings.  Least cost, but the highest security routing is the goal.

Vessel Monitoring Service and Security

Unfortunately, there is a general lack of digital security evenly distributed across many of the ports in the Maritime ecosystem. Protecting your vessel from operational readings that go under-reported or your complete property from unwanted offshore and dockside intruders around the globe is something that NearshoreNetworks can solve for.

NearshoreNetworks can help you as a partner by providing remote management and security service connectivity.  NearshoreNetworks has contracted experts that are trained to deal with security threats 24/7/365.  Our partnership with Nautic Alert provides a variety of solutions which include remote vessel monitoring services, to fisheries reporting capabilities, to live-feed video face recognition security.  We have other partners who address multiple areas that can round out your vessel monitoring needs.  We provide the connectivity to enable all the data to reach you reliably.

Thanks to our global team and their real-time detection connectivity options, we can enhance our vessel owners’ ability to react to operational malfunctions, deliver predictive maintenance, and combat security breaches at the time of the incident.

Our Partners

Nautic Alert

Cowboy Charters

Wave Wifi

TEC Services

The Most Trusted Maritime Communications Experts

NearshoreNetworks represents all global Satellite Operators in the industry and is committed to delivering the best in solutions on a global scale. Our partnership with top satellite providers as well as our IoT integration capabilities has made us one of the most sought after energy communications partners on the planet. We place immense importance on security and are always on the lookout for new solutions that can lower costs while improving operations.  It all begins with reliable and secure networks by NearshoreNetworks.

For more information on our IoT systems connectivity, nearshore and offshore drill and production platforms, and other services, please and a member of our technical team will reply.

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