Asset Tracking and Management

NearshoreNetwork’s asset tracking service delivers GPS-based geographic positioning tools via satellite to remote managers who can then make better operations and logistics-backed decisions. NearshoreNetworks uses positional data from satellite-linked GPS beacons that can be integrated into your existing GIS to manage vessel and fleet datasets.

NearshoreNetworks is also focused on the latest IoT technology that can prove to cut costs and make asset tracking processes more efficient for operations managers.

What Is Asset Tracking?

NearshoreNetworks asset tracking solutions consist of physically tracking assets through barcode scanning and attaching them to the subsequent trailers and/or shipping containers. Satellite and IoT options are then used in conjunction with GPS tools to track offshore or nearshore assets provided the asset has a tag.

How Does Asset Tracking Work?

GPS asset trackers rely on an internal battery power unit that emits a frequency that allows it to be tracked by an external GPS device. NearshoreNetworks’ GPS satellite systems can find this frequency via GPRS and report them back to terrestrial networks.

New asset tracking apps through iPhones have allowed this process to be much simpler for remote management teams thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth technology.

Asset management through IoT solutions fixes assets with sensors that use an IP address to broadcast their signal over the internet. Remote management software can then display related asset information and data.

For asset tracking to work at its optimal level, certified teams that have experience in tag tracking need to be available around the clock. Teams that deal with the physical issues surrounding asset tracking, as well as software or platform-based issues that might arise, need to be notified if problems arise. Thanks to NearshoreNetworks' global presence, we have teams located at stations all over the world and are ready to help you if any issues arise.

Asset Tracking With NearshoreNetworks

Shipping Container Tracking

NearshoreNetworks’ wireless GPS container tracking solution allows teams to monitor their assets in-transit and in-storage in real-time. NearshoreNetworks access to GPS telematics hardware seamlessly integrates with cloud software to allow clients 24/7 visibility and control of location and status of container units and cargo. This also helps to reduce operational costs while lowering the risk of lost or damaged cargo.

Asset Security

Making sure your trailers and shipping containers are secure from physical or technical damage is one of our priorities. Nearshore Networks delivers geofencing security systems around assets so clients can receive notifications when the fleet, barge, or container enter or exit the vicinity. This works in remote locations thanks to NearshoreNetworks satellite tracking systems that give remote teams a view of offshore assets.

In terms of asset security measures, NearshoreNetworks employ a team of professionals that deliver 24/7 monitoring and have the expertise and experience in remotely securing tracking systems from external programs. By understanding how hackers get into programs, our expert engineer firewalls that provide zero-day exploitations.  Assets are protected from intrusion that could lead to asset damage as a result of asset misinformation during tracking.

Information Sharing

Informing your customers is one of the best ways to gain their trust and loyalty. Thanks to NearshoreNetworks asset tracking technology, clients can inform their customers of delivery delays with real-time information on where the item currently is en route to the final destination. Delays and shipping rerouting are not ideal situations for either client or customer but with NearshoreNetworks communications capabilities and asset tracking functions, company's whose primary function is shipping packages can more easily communicate issues with shipping and reroutes to their customers.

IoT Data Operations Optimization

NearshoreNetworks’ continuous innovation in asset tracking has led it to utilize more resources for IoT purposes. IoT asset tracking tools allow clients the ability to digitize, optimize, and automate processes to save time, money, and enhance crew safety in the process. The key is data optimization. In conjunction with tracking, IoT real-time data monitoring saves money from what it would cost to run satellite tracking operations in far offshore vessels.

For this to work, IoT sensors "talk" to the cloud through NearshoreNetworks' offshore wifi and IP connectivity. Once the specific data from the asset being tracked gets to the cloud, a remote management software processes it and can perform actions like sending alert notifications to remote management teams, customers, or can automatically adjust the sensor/device without the user needing to get involved. This greatly reduces delays, saves money, and optimizes the operational efficiency for companies that are focused on managing large quantities of product.

Trailer Monitoring

It is important to monitor the contents of your shipping container. If temperatures are too high, perishable items can lose their value and entire stocks can go bad. NearshoreNetworks can notify clients when maximum or minimum trailer temperature limits have been exceeded through wireless IoT tracking. This can end up saving you vast amounts of time and money. NearshoreNetworks’ global team can be deployed from anywhere in the globe and can be on-site if monitoring alerts indicate intervention is required

The Most Trusted Maritime Communications Experts

NearshoreNetworks represents all global Satellite Operators in the industry and is committed to delivering the best in solutions on a global scale. Our partnership with top satellite providers as well as our IoT integration capabilities has made us one of the most sought after energy communications partners on the planet. We place immense importance on security and are always on the lookout for new solutions that can lower costs while improving operations.  It all begins with reliable and secure networks by NearshoreNetworks.

For more information on our IoT systems connectivity, nearshore and offshore drill and production platforms, and other services, please and a member of our technical team will reply.

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