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Terms and Conditions of Subscription

  • Cellular Service requires 24 hours following request to activate, Monday-Friday. Activation requests received on Friday will result in Activation on Monday.
  • Activation Fee is $24.95
  • First charge will be the Activation Fee plus the first month on a 3 month minimum subscription.
  • Subsequent months are charged automatically and require a 30 day notification to terminate a subscription.
  • Unit can be activated on a 2 GB Limited Plan for testing and standby purposes or where high data availability for use is not required.
  • A Limited Plan provides for 2 GB of data per month. Throttling occurs if usage is above 2 GB. No overage charges will apply.
  • A 3-month minimum applies to any Plan upgraded or increased from the Limited Plan before downgrade or termination.
  • Users can place sims on the Limited Plan in offseason but on/off/on is not allowed.
  • The 3-month minimum applies immediately upon upgrading from the Limited Plan and on any Plan that is activated.
  • Usage above Plan limits during a month from bill date to bill date will be charged at $ 9.00 per GB in 1 GB increments, not in MB. Unused data does not carry over month to month. Above Plan usage charges will be applied and billed the month following that month in which charges are incurred.
  • Complete deactivation of Service will require reactivation and a new Activation Fee will be charged.
  • Unless indicated, all plans are unthrottled unless indicated otherwise and all usage is the responsibility of the Subscriber of Record.
  • T-Mobile Coverage Map. Coverage maps are an indicator and not a guarantee of coverage and access.

High Usage Alert notification is not guaranteed. The following procedure will be attempted by Customer Service to assist in avoiding any Out of Plan Charges

  • Plan Subscriber of record will be emailed to alert them of reaching approximately 80% of the Plan subscription.
  • An additional email will be attempted at 100% consumption of the Plan subscription on record with a request to call in and authorize additional data.
  • At 110% and no contact by End User behind the 100% use notification, Plan will be suspended.
  • Reactivation charges will apply.
  • Subscription to any plan acknowledges the above Terms and Conditions of Subscription.
  • Staying within Plan subscription limits are solely the responsibility of the Subscriber.

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