Our Story

Nearshorenetworks was founded in 2016 by Bob Miltenberger. The company has brought together a core team of highly regarded and experienced leaders from the international Satellite and Cellular industries. This team has experience in multiple industry sectors covering a very wide range of geographies and business cultures.

Nearshorenetworks understands the importance of integrating highly seasoned and senior employees suited to meet our company’s strategic objectives to carry our customers into the 21st century.Bob Miltenberger, co-founder and President of Nearshorenetworks is responsible for the company’s daily corporate operations, client relationships and political affiliations globally.  Bob has been the catalyst in global growth for numerous international cellular and terrestrial based communications companies.  He has staffed and led sales teams to serve clients on three continents.

Global Offices

Houston, Texas US + 1 713 244 6292

Madrid, Spain + 34 668 103 285

Amsterdam, Netherlands + 31 629 707 714

Aberdeen, Scotland + 44 7408 806 059

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