Passenger Vessels

Today’s cruise and ferrie passengers expect internet access and voice reliability as though they were on shore.  NearshoreNetworks knows how to deliver on that expectation.

With the global service and support teams in over 60 ports as a resource complimenting our 24/7 network monitoring and dispatch, we are on top of a problem before most realize a problem exists.

Our goal is a 99.5% guaranteed uptime experience for everyone aboard all the time. And we put that in writing.

We Deliver

  • Vessel, Passengers and Crew a flawless passage communications experience.  NearshoreNetworks provides the “always on” network with a pay as you go model with passengers subscribing while aboard, or that can be complementary by the vessel operator  
  • Vessels operating near shore and inland can take advantage of inexpensive, fast 4G/LTE. For vessels travelling further offshore, they will enjoy a seamless switch from cellular to satellite communications.  This reliability is an experience expectation that translates from on land to sea by everyone.
  • Our unparalleled service commitment guarantees a 99.5% uptime connection for you and your vessels. We'll put that commitment in writing.

Tailored Solutions

  • Offshore Internet - a critical expectation of everyone aboard a vessel that NearshoreNetworks fulfills with our 99.5% service guarantee
  • VoIP & Cellular Voice Solutions - assure everyone aboard have reliable access to anywhere in the world they need to call, and can be reached by everyone
  • Out of Band Management - the backdoor access to all comms aboard and is a backup to reach a vessel 24x7x365
  • Asset Tracking & Monitoring - assures conditions on board are ideal.  IOT technologies allow engine, climate, shipments and vessel are remotely visible from shore

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