Fishing & Aquaculture

Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture have developed sophisticated needs for always on internet access, voice, data and often video to conduct operations.

Meeting the challenges at sea to communicate vessel to vessel and vessel to shore requires an ultra-reliable, ultra-fast network to keep safety and productivity at peak levels.

NearshoreNetworks supports sport and charter fishermen, regional and global commercial fishing operations and the IOT needs of aquaculture management.

We Deliver

  • Affordable communications that fit the fishing and aquaculture industry needs using L-Band technologies, VSAT and 4G/LTE products are among the solutions that NearshoreNetworks offer.
  • Bundled solutions that deliver voice, video & data meet the needs of vessel operations and crew welfare
  • Data speeds up to 10Mbps with guaranteed minimum speeds backed by our 99.5% uptime commitment assure an always on solution
  • Technology and hardware options utilizing the latest affordable and powerful Ku Band 65cm antennas from Intellian and iDirect deliver a small footprint with high throughput
  • Global coverage so you and your operations are never out of range or touch

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NearshoreNetworks are the leading global maritime satellite and cellular provider in the industry.
We deliver the best solutions through our reliable and secure worldwide network.