Nautic Alert – An IOT Solution

Real time reliability is requirement #1 for a mission critical IOT application.  Nautic Alert has such a mission critical role.

The Nautic Alert system delivers an on-board monitoring service to vessel owners.  Among it’s varied facets is Security while docked or at sea, Operational Systems monitoring, and even Man Overboard notifications.

Capabilities like these are supported by NearshoreNetworks.  With a 4G/LTE and Satellite communications capability, the Nautic Alert team looks to Nearshorenetworks to provide easy to activate and reliable bandwidth to their customers.

JacksOrBetter Casino – A Passenger Vessel Solution

Jacks or Better Casino Boat

JacksOrBetter is 155’ of fun.   The vessel hosts up to 150 guests for twice daily cruises to International Waters.

“High Satellite expenses were one thing. Passengers sharing good times through their smartphones another. Both problems solved by Nearshorenetworks.”

Rocky Harrin, GM JacksOrBetter

Cowboy Charters – Charter and Commercial Fishing

When you are ready to “get your fishin’ on” there’s no place to call but Mike Jennings and Cowboy Charters.   As President of the Gulf of Mexico Charter Fishermen’s Association, Mike knows the importance of communications.   He is committed to a safety and a productive operation for his family and his guests when leaving the dock.

Mike counts on his NearshoreNetworks provided Iridium handheld to get calls through.