About NearshoreNetworks

Our communications solutions are designed to extend your company network and assure secure, reliable & resilient communications anywhere on the planet even in the most hostile environments. Our team of highly qualified and certified field technicians install, commission, monitor, and maintain your satellite, fiber, microwave, and LTE infrastructure in even the most difficult, far-reaching locations at sea.

Rapid response support, logistics, and a strategic hardware depot practice mean downtime is minimized to ensure your SLA agreements are always met. Our company ethos compliments your network solutions by being an extension of your team to deliver the quality support required to maintain your critical infrastructure globally and keep your fleet connected.

Our Team are Maritime Communication Industry Experts serving

Commercial Maritime

Vessel, Crew, and Contractors aboard function seamlessly through a combination of Satellite and Cellular data transmission solutions efficiently and cost-effectively.  Our design engineers can provide optimized solutions to leverage the most cost-effective means of data access based on the vessels’ geolocation and signal access.  Tracking and monitoring fleet assets through NearshoreNetworks IoT Solutions further combine satellite GPS and enhanced IoT services result in maximum operational efficiency and security.  Innovative value-add partnerships such as ClimaCell weather forecasting applications allow teams to make better routing decisions thanks to real-time weather data and parameter threshold alerting.

Energy (Offshore and Onshore)

Multiple offshore and onshore solutions for barges, OSV’s, PSV’s and oil rigs are available through NearshoreNetworks. Security, usage monitoring, and advanced remote management are all options included in NearshoreNetworks offers.


NearshoreNetworks private satellite communications networks allow yacht owners to set up WiFi hotspot access points throughout the vessel. Whether cruising nearshore or further offshore, NearshoreNetworks provides the satellite and cellular network capabilities necessary to maintain and manage connectivity. NearshoreNetworks is committed to seamlessly integrating multiple communications networks to serve the vessel with optimized access with maximum uptime.

Cruise and Ferry

Television and Video On Demand service give your passengers and crew the option to stream live TV or watch Hollywood and international hits from the comfort of their own devices.  Remote management assures the entertainment services are optimized for maximum enjoyment by all.  Pay per view services are also available and can be a source of shared revenue by the vessel management company.

Complete Global Coverage and Support

NearshoreNetworks utilizes diverse and superior connectivity resources in the delivery of seamless global network experience. You can trust your most critical operations to run effortlessly across our global communications network via satellite, fiber, microwave, or 5G/LTE.

The NearshoreNetworks technology network is supported by our expert human network of highly skilled & certified technical staff. We perform installation, activation & on-site maintenance in even the most remote areas of the world, offering global, regional, and local on the ground support through our team of over 80 field engineers in 60 countries.

Exceeding Expectations

Applications and Solutions Tailored to Suit

Your communication requirements can be unique to your business. NearshoreNetworks offer a suite of differentiated, value-added solutions that cover a comprehensive range of voice, data, network, and content requirements that are tailored to match your company’s needs.  We provide hardware and networking solutions that meet your fleet and application needs as well as the budget for OPEX and CAPEX.

Quality of Service Built-In

Custom end-to-end networks require experience to design, implement, and maintain. Our industry expertise takes this one stage further by providing “designed in” network-wide resilience and reliability to overcome even the most challenging of operational problems cost-effectively.  Our QoS is backed by the highest industry standards with a Service Level Agreement around network uptime.  We back our commitments to you in writing.

Network Management

As network and satellite connections expand, they become more complex and require a dynamic set of talent and tools to manage. NearshoreNetworks understands that efficient and timely network management becomes crucial for business operations to succeed. Our intelligent network management solution(s) ensure you have reliable, high-quality connectivity when you need it, wherever you need it, and we guarantee service level commitments in black and white to prove our confidence in our service.

Because global communications are so important to customers all over the world, NearshoreNetworks is continuously focused on upgrading satellite and cellular functionality to keep your fleet up to date with the latest in communications technology.

Ongoing Support

We are committed to providing clients with the service and support that their operations require, regardless of their location. We achieve this by working in partnership with our customers from the concept stage to deliver a tailored connectivity solution that meets all of your operational needs.

NearshoreNetworks resources are deployed globally to support you with:

- Field Engineer call-out support 24/7/365

- 80+ technicians in 60 countries

- 24/7/365 proactive network monitoring

- Mean time to response <10 minutes

- Service Level Agreements of 99.999% uptime


Our services are underpinned by credentials which include global port access, operational licenses, technology accreditations, and individual certifications for both onshore and maritime networks. Below is a summary of our accreditations & certifications that the NearshoreNetworks team continually maintains to support your business.

Optio MIST (Minimum Industry Standard Training)

Customer required Training (Training for BP, Shell, Chevron, etc.)

NR-35 (Brazilian Working at Heights)

BST/CBSP (Brazilian HUET & Bosiet)

Petrobras Approved

KNS Certifies

PepWave Certified

OnWaves Certified (GSM & LTE Telecoms systems)

Most major modem manufactures approved

GVF multiple

GVF certifications & Qualifications (20 plus different ones)

Opito Bosiet & Huet (Offshore Survival)

Offshore Medicals

Working at Heights

NR-10 (Basic Electrical Safety Trained)

SafeGulf (For offshore Gulf of Mexico)

Intellian, Seatel, Orbit and Spacetrack Certified

DNV Certified

Cisco Certified (various e.g. CCNA)

iDirect, Comtech & XipLink Certified

Various IPTV System approvals

Inmarsat, Iridium, Intelsat, SES, Telesat, Telenor, Eutelsat, Hispasat, Arabsat, Gazprom, Singtel, Apstar, Measat, Telstra, AT&T approved.

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NearshoreNetworks represents all global Satellite Operators in the industry operational efficiency, network uptime, and cost containment are the goals we commit to achieve through resilient designs, quality installations, and premier ongoing support by NearshoreNetworks. We are always on the search for new partnerships and look forward to hearing from you.

For more information on our services, please contact us and a member of our technical team will reply.